Saturday, June 23, 2007

homesick in Los Angeles

I've been so homesick on this trip out West! Maybe it's got something to do with our crazy schedule leading up to Renegade Craft Fair, and having to just leave mid-fair on Sunday to come out here complete with the most evil sunburn! ...but I just caught up with the blogs & watched the video, featuring Alyce's interview and and now I have nice big smile on my face. Tonight I get to see my old favorite band of all time--the Police at Dodger Stadium, so it'll be a super finish to my trip and then back home!!

Aside from work, this trip's been all about shopping (window shopping mostly, sadly). The star of my shopping excursions? Hello Kitty! For any of you who are similarly dedicated to Hello Kitty and happen to be in the LA-metro area, definitely check out these places:

1. Momoberry in the Beverly Center. Some crazy, crazy cool stuff. Hello Kitty couture-style bags, clothes & jewelry. I was about to buy a couple of amazing necklaces until I realized they were real diamonds & gemstones--at a price tags of $2500 - $3500.... Still, I got a great black vinyl Kuromi bag for under $20!

2. Japan LA just off Melrose Avenue. Hello Kitty heaven, and more affordable. Got the best cell phone decorating kits and rhinestone kitty accessories!

3. Kitson on Robertson Drive. Definitely not for shopping on a budget. The most amazing, adorable cashmere sweaters and cardigans featuring Hello Kitty in bejeweled splendor. Too rich for me, but at least I can lust after it...